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Unlock their potential - Train with Brunell Pet Services

Brunell Pet Services offers a wide variety of programs from Dog Walkers, Pet Sitting, Obedience Trainers along with our Specialty Programs where our Canine Behaviorists and Trainers can address more severe such as Reactivity, Fearfulness, and even Aggression. 

Unlike most Trainers, we WILL work with dogs who BITE! Yes you read that correctly we do not discriminate! 

What Clients Say

Cameron and his team have done an amazing job with our anxious, reactive dog. We knew about her extreme reactivity when we adopted her, and knowing that Cameron would work with her gave us the confidence to bring her home. She is like a completely different dog now, and it's so wonderful to see her happy and relaxed playing with other dogs. She loves her time there, and goes running to the door when I say "Do you want to go see your friends?" Cameron and his team are great at what they do because they really understand why a dog is acting/reacting the way that it is, and tailor their approach accordingly. I absolutely trust and recommend Brunell Pet Services.
Client and his dog
~ Cally Swanson and Nellie!

Expert Pet Care from Brunell Pet Services

Learn more about Brunell Dog Training!

Whether it’s for basic manners or more complex behavioral issues, our trainers are focused on not only training your pet, but teaching owners how to effectively communicate with them, without using fear, submission or intimidation. 

Using a professional pet care and dog training company offers numerous advantages for pet owners. Here are some key reasons to consider:

Expertise and Knowledge: Professional pet care and dog training companies have experienced staff members who possess in-depth knowledge of animal behavior, training techniques, and pet care best practices. They are trained to handle various situations and understand the specific needs of different breeds and individual pets.

Personalized Approach: Professional companies offer personalized care and training tailored to your pet's unique needs. They take the time to assess your pet's behavior, personality, and specific requirements, ensuring that the care and training provided are customized to achieve the best results.

Peace of Mind: Entrusting your pet's care and training to professionals provides peace of mind. You can be confident that your pet is in capable hands and receiving the highest level of care, whether it's during a pet sitting visit, a training session, or any other service. This allows you to focus on your own commitments and responsibilities, knowing that your pet is well taken care of.


Consistency and Reliability: Professional pet care and dog training companies operate with consistent schedules, protocols, and procedures. This ensures that your pet receives reliable care and training sessions according to the agreed-upon schedule, maintaining routine and minimizing disruption to their daily lives.

Safety and Well-being: Professional companies prioritize the safety and well-being of your pet. They adhere to industry standards, implement proper safety measures, and are knowledgeable about potential risks or hazards. This ensures that your pet is in a safe environment and receives appropriate care and training techniques that promote their physical and mental well-being.

Access to Additional Services: Professional pet care companies often offer a wide range of services, such as dog walking, pet grooming, pet transportation, and more. Having access to these additional services can save you time and effort in coordinating various aspects of your pet's care, making it convenient to address multiple needs through a single provider.

Support and Guidance: Working with a professional company means having access to experienced trainers and caregivers who can provide ongoing support, guidance, and advice. They can address your questions, offer training tips, and help you navigate any challenges or concerns that may arise with your pet.

Ultimately, choosing a professional pet care and dog training company allows you to benefit from their expertise, receive personalized care, ensure your pet's safety, and enjoy peace of mind. It's an investment in your pet's well-being and can significantly enhance your pet ownership experience.



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